LoCPro II Consortium

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NEA is responsible for the project coordination and management. NEA will produce the project's leaflets and host 2 meetings while Ionian Islands Region & Province of Brindisi will host 2 progress meetings. Provinces of Bari and Brindisi, NEA located in Achaia Regional Unit & Ionian Islands Region will produce leaflets for the Local Products of their particular areas. Ionian Islands Region & Province of Brindisi will undertake regular information newsletters correspondingly in Greece and Italy.Municipality of Bisceglie will produce the project CD-ROMS & posters and make Internet publications for it.Province of Bari will make the direct communications for the agrotourism portal and create a future agreement among partners for its exploitation. Ionian Islands Region along with Province of Brindisi and Municipality of Bisceglie will undertake entries in the Press of Greece and Italy, correspondingly. NEA, Ionian Islands Region & the 2 Italian Provinces will organise regional workshops for stakeholders. NEA, Ionian Islands REgion & the 2 Provinces along with the Italian Municipality will participate in thematic fairs and NEA will produce a photo documentary for Local products. The University of Patras will technologically support the Distance Learning System whereas NEA is responsible for all equipment involved in the project. NEA, the University of Patras and the Province of Bari will collaborate for the ICT platform upgrading. NEA, Bisceglie and UNIBA will analyse the food sector and the Local Products Market through a series of studies. TEIMES(for Greece) and UNIBA(for Italy) will undertake a series of Business Seminars and production of educational material. Pilot regional RICTs will operate under the responsibility of NEA, Ionian Islands Region & the 2 Italian Provinces. The University of Patras will technologically support them and their users and will organise ICT seminars. Province of Bari will undertake the Italian ICT seminars.


Region of Western Greece - Development Enterprise of Achaia Prefecture 


URL: www.nea.gr


Region of Ionian Islands


URL: http://www.pin.gov.gr



Technological Educational Institute of Messolonghi


URL: www.teimes.gr



University of Patras - Pattern Recognition Laboratory


URL: www.upatras.gr, prlab.ceid.upatras.gr



Province of Bari


URL: www.provincia.ba.it


Province of Brindisi



Municipality of Bisceglie


URL: www.comune.bisceglie.ba.it


Department of Agro-Environmental and Territorial Sciences - University of Bari


URL: www.uniba.it